Monday, March 26, 2012

Workout 7- Check!

When I did the 30 day shred, I rewarded myself every single week.  I had been out of an exercise routine for a LONG time and I needed something to give me that extra push.  I decided with Body Revolution that I would reward myself after each phase and I actually forgot until last week.  I ordered a heart rate monitor as well as Jillian's new kickboxing DVD.

I tested out the heart rate monitor yesterday on the daily walk I do with my son to the park and back.  I would guess it is 2.5- 3 miles and I had guessed it at about 150 calories.  The polar told me it was 141, so I think it is fairly accurate.  This morning I was FLOORED when it said I burned 339 calories in only 36 minutes.  I am not sure how accurate it is, but if it's even in the ballpark I am THRILLED.

So workout 7.... where to begin! She starts by congratulating you for making it half way through the program then states they are 'going to beat you like you owe them money' and 'grind you into a paste'. I found the first circuit to be BRUTAL.  But remember, I am much stronger in the back of the body workouts.  It was brutal, but it was doable.  And the best part, I felt it in my abs.  I had been thinking about adding in some ab work because I just hadn't been feeling it there... we'll see how I'm feeling later.  LOTS of plank and push up work in this one.

Modifications- so my goal has been to not do any modifications.  Jillian gives you several options for modifications in this one.  By the time I got to the second set of one legged push ups, I had to modify.  My arms were shaking and I just wasn't getting good form military style on these.  I am trying not to beat myself up over this.   I also had to modify the one legged jump cardio after a while and do the jump in place.  I think I can get this one next time.

All in all, workout 7 is a welcome challenge.  I think I will like it more as I get stronger and don't need to modify any moves.  I love the twist on the basic chest press and chest flies.

Is it me or does the cast look way hotter in this dvd? 

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  1. A heart-rate monitor is a great reward! I've been thinking of getting one myself. Maybe I'll make it my reward for completing Phase 1! I love how active your family is! You guys seem to spend so much time outdoors, biking and walking! It's a huge inspiration for me, and something I definitely want top emmulate when my fiance and I have children in a few years!