Friday, March 16, 2012

Food and Mood

So usually I hesitate to post about food because I am NOT following JM's meal plan.  The program is intended to work with the meal plan, so yeah.  I have to avoid dairy because of my son's milk allergy so it makes the meal plan challenging. 

Does this mean I eat with reckless abandon and have whatever I feel like?  Absolutely not..... well, usually. 

Soooo TMI- but yesterday I got my first 'time' in 2 years and one month.  HOLY HECK!  I did not remember the cravings that come being so forceful.  I have to admit I ate like a crazy PERSON.  Ugh.  I binged on cereal, picked up a chocolate bar at the store and pulled out some coconut milk ice cream last night.  And boy I felt like crap and I was crabby as heck.

I did not want to have another day like that today- NO WAY, I am working too hard.  So I filled my day with foods I know make me feel good:

Green Smoothie- Breakfast, Oh Yeah, I feel like Popeye!

Romaine, Wild Caught Salmon, Raspberries, Red Onion, 1/4 Avocado, The smallest amount of pecans, and Braggberry dressing (Boom)

'Rainforest Smoothie'- Almond Milk, Acai, Cinnamon, Cacao Powder, Chia Seeds- Totally tamed my chocolate craving for the day and the cacao was oh 12 calories- and mood lifting- it says so on the can. 

Not sure what is for dinner yet, but I am going to make sure it is something mood lifting.  I am 10000 x's more energetic and happy than yesterday.   It is just so interesting to see the difference in your mood when you fuel your body right!!

Workout 6- Still IN LOVE.  I love the warm up- it is so energetic and just gets you excited for the rest of the workout!!  Statue of liberty- nailed it the first time through.  The next few sets of it were still shaky though.  I really want to conquer this one!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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