Thursday, March 29, 2012


My body is screaming today.

I felt way better about workout 7 this morning than I did on Monday.  I felt so much stronger and I only had to modify the last few seconds of the one legged push ups.  I did NOT have to modify the one legged up, over, over, back jumps today.  I just closed my eyes and just kept saying it to myself 'up, over, over, back, up, over, over back'.  I definitely don't have the greatest range of motion on this, but am so happy I didn't have to modify today.  I totally kissed the ground on those squats today.

Next week's goal- NO modifications (unless it is to make the moves harder).  I think if I say to myself 'one more' when I feel like giving up on the one legged push ups I can get there.  One thing I've noticed is that Jillian really talks up some moves like they are going to be the hardest thing in the world and I'm like 'really?'.  Like the star jumps in this workout.  I would rather do these than the squat thrusts and she makes this move sound so advanced.  And the W raises with the kickout- not bad at all.  Is she just throwing us softballs so we feel we're stronger than we are or am I doing these moves wrong???

Anyway, I am hurting tonight.  Not in a I hurt myself way. A good sore, I've been hit by a truck sort of way.

I hope those on week 7 are enjoying the workouts as much as I am.  I am actually looking forward to tackling this one again on Monday and I hated it the first day.

Have a great night!!

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  1. 1 legged push-ups without modification??? You are my hero! Congratulations. As someone only on week 3, this sounds pretty much impossible...

    Have a wonderful weekend. May your soreness go away quickly! :)