Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I don't like workout 5.  I've tried to trick myself with positive self talk and I've come to the conclusion, I just don't like it.  Not because it's hard, which it is...... it is just so tedious.  I am really excited to move on to workout 7 next week.  Moving onto workout 7 means I am going to have to leave workout 6 in the dust as well and that makes me a little sad.  Today was workout 6 and I seriously love this workout.  It is challenging and you are in motion the whole time and I am seriously SWEATING by the end.  Today I felt like I finally mastered the 'Statue of Liberty'.

I find it a little hard to blog the second week of a workout, but I am still hear... doing the same workouts.  Tomorrow is cardio 2 and Yoga!! 

Hope everyone is doing well and killing these workouts.

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  1. I guess we aren't going to love all of the workouts, huh? Thankfully, we only do each of them 4x (except cardio)!!

    Congrats on pushing through the workout even though the enthusiasm isn't there. It is inspiring to read about someone who is almost 1/2 way through Phase 2!! Have you taken any pictures? Are you doing any "before and after" shots? You are half way through this program!!! WOW!