Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Her favorite moments were those when she let go of all expectations and worries and just simply celebrrated the very moment she was living"

The following image came across my Facebook feed this morning and it really spoke to me.  I am really enjoying Body Revolution, but I have a habit of fearing the future and it takes away a little of the joy of what I am doing.  When I was struggling through workout 5 yesterday, I kept thinking "If I am having this much trouble, how will I handle future workouts?".  But, I thought that about workout 3 and here I am on workout 5 still hanging in there, getting stronger, tighter more energetic.  Why aren't I celebrating?

This was such a timely reminder for me.  I need to just focus on what I am doing each day, do the best I can, TRUST my body.  TRUST that I am getting stronger and I can handle it.  I need to focus on my form, focus on my breath and be present.  Not just for each workout, this applies to each movement.  I shouldn't be dreading that running man is coming up, I just need to focus.

That being said, workout 6 was AWESOME!  I puffy, puffy heart this workout- BEST one yet.  I went on a walk to the park with my son this afternoon and I felt the old familiar soreness in my abs from a good workout.   I have definitely been missing this.  I love sore abs!!  There was really only one move I struggled with- Statue of Liberty.  This is another balance intensive move- my resolve to focus more and be present will help me master this one.  Oh and my 'bummy' is sore too.  

I am also extremely happy to be connecting with more bloggers lately.   Does anyone want to start a facebook discussion group where we can check in our workouts and offer support to those in need?  

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