Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Time is flying....

Today was my first day of workout 8. I will have to say, this is the first time I have been disappointed in the progression.  This workout did not seem like a very big step up from workout 6.  Sadly, the abs circuit has been eliminated from this workout!

The workout was good, don't get me wrong.... I was just sad to see the abs gone.  There is quite a bit of core work in workout 7, so my guess is we are supposed to be healing today.  I do feel a slight soreness in my abs today, but not too bad considering the amount of push up and plank work that is in workout 7. 

Jillian introduces weights into the cardio segments in this workout.  We do butt kicks and bicep curls as well as jump rope while holding the weights.  There is a circuit where you do a warrior 3 pose while holding weights, this is without a doubt the most difficult move in the whole workout. My arms were SHAKING!!!  Also, there are some strange 'static' moves thrown in randomly- like just holding a good morning position.   This reminded me of the reverse plank that was in workout 6, I really thought that move was preparing us for something in workout 8, but it did not progress.

Jillian has started to be more prescriptive as to the weights we should use.  She'll say use '3's' for this move for example.  There are cable moves in this one, but they are pretty basic and doable.

Hope everyone is having a great week!  I can't believe I have now experienced every workout in phase 2!  A little over a week and a half until phase 3, time is flying!!


  1. Oh this sounds crazy but fun at the same time. You are doing great and so close to phase 3. Thank you for showing perseverance. Any thought as too what you are going to do after phase 3?

    1. Thank you very much!! I actually have been thinking about this alot lately. I purchased P90x and Body Revolution at the same time. I thought i would send one back, but I have them both. I chose Body Revolution because I thought I would be more likely to stick with it. I like the efficiency of the workouts. I am THINKING about giving P90 X a try after body revolution, I just need to decide if I can commit to an hour + a day. I am open to other recs as well.