Thursday, March 29, 2012


My body is screaming today.

I felt way better about workout 7 this morning than I did on Monday.  I felt so much stronger and I only had to modify the last few seconds of the one legged push ups.  I did NOT have to modify the one legged up, over, over, back jumps today.  I just closed my eyes and just kept saying it to myself 'up, over, over, back, up, over, over back'.  I definitely don't have the greatest range of motion on this, but am so happy I didn't have to modify today.  I totally kissed the ground on those squats today.

Next week's goal- NO modifications (unless it is to make the moves harder).  I think if I say to myself 'one more' when I feel like giving up on the one legged push ups I can get there.  One thing I've noticed is that Jillian really talks up some moves like they are going to be the hardest thing in the world and I'm like 'really?'.  Like the star jumps in this workout.  I would rather do these than the squat thrusts and she makes this move sound so advanced.  And the W raises with the kickout- not bad at all.  Is she just throwing us softballs so we feel we're stronger than we are or am I doing these moves wrong???

Anyway, I am hurting tonight.  Not in a I hurt myself way. A good sore, I've been hit by a truck sort of way.

I hope those on week 7 are enjoying the workouts as much as I am.  I am actually looking forward to tackling this one again on Monday and I hated it the first day.

Have a great night!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Half Way There! :)

So today was cardio 2 AND Yoga.  I needed both workouts today, because for the last 24 hours,  I have not been as active in my daily life as I usually am.   We can blame this....

So I am very late to the party on this, but this book definitely lives up to the hype.  I was totally sucked in until I finished it, like seriously....obsessed.  I may or may not have braided my hair Katniss Everdeen style for Cardio 2 today.  Scary!!

Cardio 2 was great as usual.  I am a little sore in the butt today from workout 8 yesterday so it definitely did something.  I also noticed today that my engagement and wedding rings are super loose.  I didn't even think to take measurements there.  Hopefully not all the weight is coming off that finger!!

I am really glad I am sticking with Yoga.  I learn something new every time I go.  Today I learned I have a tendency to look down.  The instructor told me I need to look up so that when I am older I don't end up with turkey neck.  So if I look like I am being snobby, I am far, far from it.  I just don't want turkey neck.

Have a great night everyone!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Time is flying....

Today was my first day of workout 8. I will have to say, this is the first time I have been disappointed in the progression.  This workout did not seem like a very big step up from workout 6.  Sadly, the abs circuit has been eliminated from this workout!

The workout was good, don't get me wrong.... I was just sad to see the abs gone.  There is quite a bit of core work in workout 7, so my guess is we are supposed to be healing today.  I do feel a slight soreness in my abs today, but not too bad considering the amount of push up and plank work that is in workout 7. 

Jillian introduces weights into the cardio segments in this workout.  We do butt kicks and bicep curls as well as jump rope while holding the weights.  There is a circuit where you do a warrior 3 pose while holding weights, this is without a doubt the most difficult move in the whole workout. My arms were SHAKING!!!  Also, there are some strange 'static' moves thrown in randomly- like just holding a good morning position.   This reminded me of the reverse plank that was in workout 6, I really thought that move was preparing us for something in workout 8, but it did not progress.

Jillian has started to be more prescriptive as to the weights we should use.  She'll say use '3's' for this move for example.  There are cable moves in this one, but they are pretty basic and doable.

Hope everyone is having a great week!  I can't believe I have now experienced every workout in phase 2!  A little over a week and a half until phase 3, time is flying!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Workout 7- Check!

When I did the 30 day shred, I rewarded myself every single week.  I had been out of an exercise routine for a LONG time and I needed something to give me that extra push.  I decided with Body Revolution that I would reward myself after each phase and I actually forgot until last week.  I ordered a heart rate monitor as well as Jillian's new kickboxing DVD.

I tested out the heart rate monitor yesterday on the daily walk I do with my son to the park and back.  I would guess it is 2.5- 3 miles and I had guessed it at about 150 calories.  The polar told me it was 141, so I think it is fairly accurate.  This morning I was FLOORED when it said I burned 339 calories in only 36 minutes.  I am not sure how accurate it is, but if it's even in the ballpark I am THRILLED.

So workout 7.... where to begin! She starts by congratulating you for making it half way through the program then states they are 'going to beat you like you owe them money' and 'grind you into a paste'. I found the first circuit to be BRUTAL.  But remember, I am much stronger in the back of the body workouts.  It was brutal, but it was doable.  And the best part, I felt it in my abs.  I had been thinking about adding in some ab work because I just hadn't been feeling it there... we'll see how I'm feeling later.  LOTS of plank and push up work in this one.

Modifications- so my goal has been to not do any modifications.  Jillian gives you several options for modifications in this one.  By the time I got to the second set of one legged push ups, I had to modify.  My arms were shaking and I just wasn't getting good form military style on these.  I am trying not to beat myself up over this.   I also had to modify the one legged jump cardio after a while and do the jump in place.  I think I can get this one next time.

All in all, workout 7 is a welcome challenge.  I think I will like it more as I get stronger and don't need to modify any moves.  I love the twist on the basic chest press and chest flies.

Is it me or does the cast look way hotter in this dvd? 

Saturday, March 24, 2012


I know there are many who have wrapped up Phase 1 today!  Congratulations!  I am so very happy for those of you who completed Phase 1 today.  I love how it is broken into phases so we have these milestones and can just reflect on a job well done.  I am too excited to hear what everyone thinks of phase 2.  At first you might think 'what the what?', but then you will grow to LOVE it like I do.

So Cardio 2 today.  Cardio 2, I LOVE YOU!  Okay, I may not be saying that during the cross jacks, but I do say it to myself at the end when I see the sweat on my mat. See, I don't even mind the burpees, it's the cross jacks I don't like.  I think it's because that move is a painful reminder that despite how great I feel, there isn't as big a gap in my thighs as I'd like.  The way I carry and lose weight, I get to the point where you can see all my ribs before any weight comes off my thighs and bum.

It was another gorgeous day here, so after Cardio 2 we busted out a 27 mile bike ride.  Stopping along the way for lunch and to play in the park with our little love.  Amazing day.  Sun, Fun, Love... all while burning calories.

Have an AMAZING rest day tomorrow! :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Out with a Bang!!

Ha! I saw this picture today and it made me lmao. Considering so many people have been talking about the Burpees I thought it was fitting.

Today was my last day of workout 5. So in my last post I was a little whiney about workout 5. I decided I was going to just attack it today. And you know what? I LOVED it. I worked up a great sweat and just nailed everything today. I felt so powerful ripping through my obliques on the woodchoppers today. It wasn't workout 5s fault after all! It is up to ME to make sure I get the most out of these workouts. If I'm not sweating enough, I need to crank up the intensity until I feel the burn.

So workout 5, just as we were getting to like each other, it's time to say good bye. Hello new challenge on Monday, I'm ready!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I don't like workout 5.  I've tried to trick myself with positive self talk and I've come to the conclusion, I just don't like it.  Not because it's hard, which it is...... it is just so tedious.  I am really excited to move on to workout 7 next week.  Moving onto workout 7 means I am going to have to leave workout 6 in the dust as well and that makes me a little sad.  Today was workout 6 and I seriously love this workout.  It is challenging and you are in motion the whole time and I am seriously SWEATING by the end.  Today I felt like I finally mastered the 'Statue of Liberty'.

I find it a little hard to blog the second week of a workout, but I am still hear... doing the same workouts.  Tomorrow is cardio 2 and Yoga!! 

Hope everyone is doing well and killing these workouts.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Paddys

I hope your day was full with as much love and cuteness as mine was!!

My husband wanted to go on a long bike ride today and I was game as long as I did Cardio first.  I love this Cardio, it is fun, but oh so effective.  I am not a sweater, but I was drenched today!  It is just go, go, go and the cast really inspires you to push it in this one.

We went on about a 20 mile bike ride after I got showered up after cardio.  We stopped at parks to play, at a deli for some awesome salads and all was well..... until my gear shifters broke half way home.  Oy, I was in a pretty tough gear for uphill.  Now last year, I probably would have freaked out and had my husband go forth and pick me up with the car.  Today, I pushed through it and my legs are on FIRE.

I am going to LOVE every second of my rest day tomorrow and let my muscles recover.  I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend

Friday, March 16, 2012

Food and Mood

So usually I hesitate to post about food because I am NOT following JM's meal plan.  The program is intended to work with the meal plan, so yeah.  I have to avoid dairy because of my son's milk allergy so it makes the meal plan challenging. 

Does this mean I eat with reckless abandon and have whatever I feel like?  Absolutely not..... well, usually. 

Soooo TMI- but yesterday I got my first 'time' in 2 years and one month.  HOLY HECK!  I did not remember the cravings that come being so forceful.  I have to admit I ate like a crazy PERSON.  Ugh.  I binged on cereal, picked up a chocolate bar at the store and pulled out some coconut milk ice cream last night.  And boy I felt like crap and I was crabby as heck.

I did not want to have another day like that today- NO WAY, I am working too hard.  So I filled my day with foods I know make me feel good:

Green Smoothie- Breakfast, Oh Yeah, I feel like Popeye!

Romaine, Wild Caught Salmon, Raspberries, Red Onion, 1/4 Avocado, The smallest amount of pecans, and Braggberry dressing (Boom)

'Rainforest Smoothie'- Almond Milk, Acai, Cinnamon, Cacao Powder, Chia Seeds- Totally tamed my chocolate craving for the day and the cacao was oh 12 calories- and mood lifting- it says so on the can. 

Not sure what is for dinner yet, but I am going to make sure it is something mood lifting.  I am 10000 x's more energetic and happy than yesterday.   It is just so interesting to see the difference in your mood when you fuel your body right!!

Workout 6- Still IN LOVE.  I love the warm up- it is so energetic and just gets you excited for the rest of the workout!!  Statue of liberty- nailed it the first time through.  The next few sets of it were still shaky though.  I really want to conquer this one!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Once Upon a TIme.....

So Jillian is always hammering home the 'Why' in this series.  "If you have a why you can tolerate any how" is the quote she uses.  I LOVE reading and watching other people explain their why, however I don't have a concrete reason when I think about it.  I have a feeling that I am striving for.  The feeling I got when I was the most fit in my life--- I want to feel that again.  This was several years ago when I hiked Mount Whitney in Lone Pine, California.  This was absolutely the most breathtaking, life changing experience I ever had.  I trained for months and was the fittest and happiest I have ever been in my life.

I want to feel as fit, healthy and proud as I felt this day hiking up that Mountain.  It was as if ' If I can do this, I can do anything'. 

So workout 5 again today.  MUCH better than the first time through.  I am so happy that the one legged squats were so much easier.  I just looked away from the tv- focused, breathed and balanced and it came.  I may not have been as fast as the group, but I got down and I got up.  The only time I lost balance was when she says 'One More'- yay.   I was surprised that the move I struggled with the most was the cable chest flies.  The first time through- smooth sailing and good form.  The second time through- OWW, my arm wanted to bend. 

Good Night all!  

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Where the Magic Happens

Today was Cardio 2.  I was pleasantly surprised that I found Cardio 2 much more enjoyable then Cardio 1.  It is more fast paced, there is more variety and it's just FUN.  So I was s-o-r-e in the legs and glutes from yesterday, so the first circuit was tough.  I loosened up after that circuit and the workout FLEW by.  Man, that David can jump!  Seriously, my goal in life is to look and workout like Anita.  That girl always has perfect form and a perfect body (I mean this in a non-creepy way).

Today was also my second yoga class, hence my comfort zone picture.  I have been struggling with whether or not to continue with yoga since I really want my focus to be on Body Revolution, but I am glad I went.  We were rocking some one legged planks which I was a little scared of at first and my body was SHAKING, but boy do I feel good now.

I came home to this lovely meal made by my husband pictured below.  Roman Artichokes and Acorn Squash soup.  We are dairy free due to my son's allergy and almond milk makes a surprisingly creamy soup. Delish!

Half Way through the week revolutioners!!  Let's finish it STRONG!  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Her favorite moments were those when she let go of all expectations and worries and just simply celebrrated the very moment she was living"

The following image came across my Facebook feed this morning and it really spoke to me.  I am really enjoying Body Revolution, but I have a habit of fearing the future and it takes away a little of the joy of what I am doing.  When I was struggling through workout 5 yesterday, I kept thinking "If I am having this much trouble, how will I handle future workouts?".  But, I thought that about workout 3 and here I am on workout 5 still hanging in there, getting stronger, tighter more energetic.  Why aren't I celebrating?

This was such a timely reminder for me.  I need to just focus on what I am doing each day, do the best I can, TRUST my body.  TRUST that I am getting stronger and I can handle it.  I need to focus on my form, focus on my breath and be present.  Not just for each workout, this applies to each movement.  I shouldn't be dreading that running man is coming up, I just need to focus.

That being said, workout 6 was AWESOME!  I puffy, puffy heart this workout- BEST one yet.  I went on a walk to the park with my son this afternoon and I felt the old familiar soreness in my abs from a good workout.   I have definitely been missing this.  I love sore abs!!  There was really only one move I struggled with- Statue of Liberty.  This is another balance intensive move- my resolve to focus more and be present will help me master this one.  Oh and my 'bummy' is sore too.  

I am also extremely happy to be connecting with more bloggers lately.   Does anyone want to start a facebook discussion group where we can check in our workouts and offer support to those in need?  

Monday, March 12, 2012

Freeing Myself from My Ego

First day of workout 5.

If you had a smile on your face mid work-out, I bow down to you.

But, no one wants to listen to a complainer, so I am not going to complain.  Not even to myself.  I am so proud of myself for finishing.  And next time, I'll push myself further and finish it again.  Then it will get easier.  Then it's on to workout 7 and so the cycle goes.

So, a little review.  There aren't many exercises that are that 'hard' on their own.  It is the combination that gets you.  Just when you think your legs are burning, you get to the next exercise and they are burning even more. She calls this super-setting.

 I remember telling someone that I loved Jillian's workouts, but felt she did not give enough attention to triceps.  I am happy to report, that is NOT true in body revolution.  My triceps got a workout.  The moves I did struggle with- push up to side plank.  I didn't feel after the side plank I was getting down deep enough into my push up- something to work on next time.  One legged squats- that s&!^ is hard for this 5'11" girl.

The rest of the day was A-MAZING. The weather went from upper 30's last week to mid to upper 70's all this week.  We received our 'Croozer' bike trailer today.  We LOVE biking, but the lil love was too young for a trailer last year. We took this baby out for a test ride and it's awesome.  I see ALOT of biking in our future.

Loving my ride!

Fist pumps to all who completed their workouts today!  Hope your evening is wonderful! :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

"The depth of one's practice may be measured more by how flexible one is in daily life than downward dog."

ooooo-kay!  Happy news first!  This week has been a whirlwind and I have not blogged much about my experience, but I am still at it and..... SEE YA LATER Phase 1.  I really honestly haven't noticed too much of a difference in the mirror since I see myself every day, but I took pics this morning and am very, very pleased with my results.

02/13- Day before I started Body Revolution

02/19, About a week into Body Revolution

03/11- Month 1 Complete
 Yay!  I am getting a waist!  And more definition in the arms. 

I also started Yoga class on Wednesday and am wondering if that was wise!  I remember yoga being a nice relaxing meditative time.   Well if relaxing = 's body trembling, sore in places I never knew existed, then yep... I got what I paid for.  It was goooood, but I am wondering how I'll be able to handle it when I start phase 2.

So, what's up with the title of this post.  Thursday..... life happened in a big way that caused me to not be able to do my workout on Friday.  I'd like to say "oh, I'm so Zen, these things happen, I'm not going to beat myself up".  But that would be a LIE.  I committed to this program and like to do things exactly as they are laid out.  I beat myself up, I worried... I was anxious.  Then Saturday I did workout 4 AND Cardio 1 to catch up.  Ideal?  No, not at all.  But it's done, I did all the workouts for phase 1 and I'm moving on.

I am excited and nervous.  I am not going to lie, I did preview the workouts today.  It helps me not scramble on the first day of a workout and waste time trying to figure out the moves.  It is going to be intense, but we'll get her done.  I am loving the results and will be fighting for more.

Peace and joy to anyone reading.  Kill it this week- I know I plan on it. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

A little pampering...

Blah, Blah, Blah.  This little revolution er has a cold.  Not enough to keep me from my workouts, just enough to make me achy, uncomfortable and a little whiny to those who will listen.

So tonight, it was pampering for ME!  Whoot!  As soon as I got my son down for sleep, I threw a yummy lush bath bomb into the bath tub.  A lavender vanilla candle went under my candle warmer and I took the most glorious bath.  Afterwards, I got out my dry brush for the first time.  Holy, heck.... this thing is heaven.  I use coconut oil to moisturize and my skin just drank it up after the dry bruising.  Then I topped off with some new Lush Vanilla Powder.   Soft skin and smelling like vanilla... I'm good as new and am going to SLEEP good tonight.

Today was workout 3.  All is well, feeling strong.   Even the cable chest presses weren't as bad as I remember.  Still a little awkward on plank to crescent, but definitely better.

HAPPY Monday.  Good health wishes to all.  It seems like this cold is a common theme among us. Let's kick it! 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week 3- Done!!

Just a quick post- week 3 is done!

I love how much stronger I am getting- and so quickly.  My first time doing workout 4 I was very sore in my bum the next day ( a good sore, not a 'I can't walk sore').  I really gave my all to workout 4 yesterday and barely sore today. 

Today was cardio 1.  Running man actually went quicker than normal, I was sinking down and punching more.  LOVE this program, LOVE it. 

My husband is working this am and my baby is sleeping and I am listening to 'Unlimited' while I clean. It is very motivational.  Did I mention I'm a Jillian fan? 

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

march resolutions

I have never made New Year's Resolutions before this year.  I internally roll my eyes when someone mentioned a resolution, they just always seem to fail.  But this year, I gave it a go and it has been a very positive experience.  So why stop at New Years resolutions?  They're just goals..... I have decided to keep the momentum going and make monthly 'resolutions'.

I am going to share my health related resolutions for March:

1.) - Start phasing out coffee.  I drink about 2 cups a day and I don't even like the stuff.  I drink it with creamer and a little Stevia.  While some will say coffee poses no harm, it does for me.  I got addicted to it after my son was born and I was up many times a night.  Then I started to NEED it.  If I didn't have it, I would have headaches, etc.  I don't like being dependent on any substances and letting them have that much control.  I am going to cut down slowly, with the ultimate goal to phase it out. 

Coffee is also one of the most heavily pesticide sprayed crops.  I have never thought to buy organic coffee, in fact I buy a coffee named 'Peru'.  Presumably this means it is grown in Peru, a country in South America...... a country where they can use toxic pesticides not approved in the U.S.

Also, have you ever looked at the bottom of your coffee cup after your done drinking?  All that nasty sludge that forms at the bottom of your cup- yeah, that's what I put in my body. Not to mention what it does to one's teeth, skin and breath.  So yes, I can find a study or two that will tout the antioxidant benefits of coffee, but I am confident of kicking this habit will prove to be more helpful than harmful.

2.)  Start taking Yoga class- I signed up yesterday and will be taking a Yoga class on Wednesday nights.  I need help with flexibility and balance and a group activity outside of things I do with my son.  I also discovered the yoga instructor literally lives right behind me.  Maybe we'll hit it off, form a beautiful friendship and meet in the backyard for sun salutations every morning?

3.)  Start dry brushing 3 times a week.  I have been reading about the benefits and even if the detoxification benefits are exaggerated I'll get soft skin out of the deal.

So today was workout 3 again.  Not as bad as the first time, though I do find the plank into crescent pose awkward..... maybe the yoga will help?  Oh, and the cable chest presses.... still painful.