Saturday, March 24, 2012


I know there are many who have wrapped up Phase 1 today!  Congratulations!  I am so very happy for those of you who completed Phase 1 today.  I love how it is broken into phases so we have these milestones and can just reflect on a job well done.  I am too excited to hear what everyone thinks of phase 2.  At first you might think 'what the what?', but then you will grow to LOVE it like I do.

So Cardio 2 today.  Cardio 2, I LOVE YOU!  Okay, I may not be saying that during the cross jacks, but I do say it to myself at the end when I see the sweat on my mat. See, I don't even mind the burpees, it's the cross jacks I don't like.  I think it's because that move is a painful reminder that despite how great I feel, there isn't as big a gap in my thighs as I'd like.  The way I carry and lose weight, I get to the point where you can see all my ribs before any weight comes off my thighs and bum.

It was another gorgeous day here, so after Cardio 2 we busted out a 27 mile bike ride.  Stopping along the way for lunch and to play in the park with our little love.  Amazing day.  Sun, Fun, Love... all while burning calories.

Have an AMAZING rest day tomorrow! :)


  1. I was a little anxious about starting phase 2 today but your post has put me at ease! Bring it on!!!!

  2. It's fun to hear which moves everyone loves and hates. I don't Ming cross jacks at all and I kinda like burpees. It's the plié squats that kill me every time. Yowza