Monday, March 12, 2012

Freeing Myself from My Ego

First day of workout 5.

If you had a smile on your face mid work-out, I bow down to you.

But, no one wants to listen to a complainer, so I am not going to complain.  Not even to myself.  I am so proud of myself for finishing.  And next time, I'll push myself further and finish it again.  Then it will get easier.  Then it's on to workout 7 and so the cycle goes.

So, a little review.  There aren't many exercises that are that 'hard' on their own.  It is the combination that gets you.  Just when you think your legs are burning, you get to the next exercise and they are burning even more. She calls this super-setting.

 I remember telling someone that I loved Jillian's workouts, but felt she did not give enough attention to triceps.  I am happy to report, that is NOT true in body revolution.  My triceps got a workout.  The moves I did struggle with- push up to side plank.  I didn't feel after the side plank I was getting down deep enough into my push up- something to work on next time.  One legged squats- that s&!^ is hard for this 5'11" girl.

The rest of the day was A-MAZING. The weather went from upper 30's last week to mid to upper 70's all this week.  We received our 'Croozer' bike trailer today.  We LOVE biking, but the lil love was too young for a trailer last year. We took this baby out for a test ride and it's awesome.  I see ALOT of biking in our future.

Loving my ride!

Fist pumps to all who completed their workouts today!  Hope your evening is wonderful! :)


  1. Congrats on getting it done! I am worried about the jump to workouts 3 & 4; I have been reading that it is a big step up from 1 & 2... I have a ways to go, though as I've just completed Cardio 1 for the first time :) Keep up the great work!!

    1. Thank you so much! You WILL be able to do it. I find the first time through each new workout is a challenge and I am sore after the first one, but then they get much easier. Seriously, I was so lazy prior to 01/03 of this year and I mean LAZY. You've got this! Good old Cardio 1, I hated it at first. Now I can't wait for Cardio 2 tomorrow. Oh and I found Workout 1 to be easier than workout 2. In weeks 3 and 4 I found workout 4 to be easier than 3.... so don't get discouraged after workout 3, you get a 'break' with workout 4.