Thursday, April 26, 2012

What's next?

Today was workout 11 again.  One move I forgot to mention on Monday was the 'three part push up'.  I am not sure how anyone does this move gracefully.  Basically you pop your hands out 3 times, getting a little wider each time until you are in push up position.  I can do this one, but not nearly as pretty as Jillian's athletes.

Now that I have a little over 2 weeks left, I am starting to think about what's next.  I feel like I SHOULD do P90x because I have it.

See, the box says 'Decide, Commit, Succeed'.  But I am just so indecisive about it.  And I don't know that I want to commit to an hour + every day.  So since I haven't decided or committed.... I won't succeed?

I have heard great things about Les Mills Pump and it is only half an hour a day.  However, I am not sure I want to invest in another program when I have P90x sitting around collecting dust.  But if I will do the Les Mills pump, it's worth it. Plus, they are british, so it can't be rubish, can it?  See- I am so indecisive!!

Please leave me a comment if you know what you are going to take on next, I am really excited to hear what everyone is doing.

I have been so inspired by the viral plank challenge,  so while my son was happily frolicking around-

I decided to hold plank, here-

Right in front of our state capitol.  I didn't have my phone, so I wasn't sure of my time- I'll remember it next time.  I also did some yoga moves and 15 bonus push ups.  I think this is how I'll make the plank challenge my own- find unusual places to do plank!

Have a great night! :)


  1. I've done a lot of the P90x workouts, but not the whole program. It's so time consuming! I picked it up and started doing some of the workouts after doing JM's No More Trouble Zones and it seemed like there was so much wasted time in between moves. It probably lets you lift heavier weight because you get more rest, but it bugged me. I go back and forth about it too.

  2. Count me in as one who tried to find time for P90X - the sessions are just too much for me. I understand that P90X-2 is only 5 days a week and the sessions are a little shorter. Technically it is supposed to be done following the original series, but I think you could add it in.

    I have a colleague who loves Insanity, too. It is only 60 days (6 days/week) and all about cardio & using your own body weight. The first 30 days are 40 min workouts and the 2nd half of the program increases to 60 min workouts.

    I'll be so interested to see what all of you graduates end up tackling next! And I love your personalization of the plan challenge...awesome.