Thursday, April 12, 2012

Me, Myself, and I

Whenever I see an article about losing weight and living well, the author always stresses the importance of getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night.  Our body revolution book has a section on this as well.  My wonderful son has never been a good sleeper.   After two weeks of almost consistent sleeping through the night, he is back to 2 night wakings.... OY.  My husband is taking him out of town on Saturday, so I will have the whole day to do me things.  If my body cooperates, I may finally have a day of sleeping in!!  I need to plan the rest of my day out.  I can't get sucked into cleaning all day- ME time baby! After cardio 3 of course.

Today was back to workout 9.  It was a little more challenging today because I am sore.  My legs and glutes have taken quite a beating the last couple of days.  Though workout 9 is front of the body, there is plenty of leg and glute work- curtsy lunges with lat raises, squats with front raises (an old familiar level 2 shred move), static holding of chair pose and one legged squat into plank.  I also noticed I may have not had the greatest form on some of the moves on Monday.  During divebombers, I noticed my butt dipping, so I really focused on keeping it lifted and it was much more challenging.  My triceps are feeling it.  All in all, a tough workout- but so doable.  I am having the most trouble with the one legged squat into plank as well as the rock and roll squat cardio.

Food!!!  For breakfast, I wanted a little more variety than normal- like a combo plate you would get at your local Village Inn, so I just had small portions of everything.  Steel cut oats with blueberries, an egg on top of spinach and 1/4th of an avocado topped with hot sauce.  YUMMM!!

The powdery substance on top of my oats is a teaspoon of Bourbon Vanilla Protein Powder.  I use this to sweeten oats, cereal or plain yogurt on occasion instead of sugar.  I don't ever use protein powder for shakes, so even though this can says 12 servings it lasts me a good 6 months!  I really like the brand below because there are 3 ingredients and it's sweetened with Stevia.  This runs about $32.00 at my local health food store, but this company was at our Natural Living Expo and they sell it direct for $20.00- score!!

For lunch, I had the Quinoa stuffed pepper.  I'm not really sure how I feel about this one.  Quinoa is one of those things I feel like I am SUPPOSED to like, but I'm not really sure if I truly do.
My son enjoyed a body revolution meal as well.  I made the spinach pesto, but I really DON'T like this one.  He goes crazy for the stuff- see that greedy little hand reaching for it!

Snack- oh, the best part of the day.  My zucchini hummus is finally made.  I forgot to thaw out some of the pita chips, so I just cut up some red pepper instead.  I thought about cutting up some more zucchini, but it feels kind of wrong to dip zucchini in zucchini!!

Dinner was plain and not really that good.  Plain chicken breast topped with tomato and pepper and baked sweet potato fries.

I am still feeling kind of hungry and think my calories are a little too low today. I am trying to talk myself into making some banana soft serve rather than being tempted by the chocolate zico coconut water in the fridge! 

Have a good night.  If you're aching like I am- I hope your muscles recover so you can KILL your workouts tomorrow.

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  1. Sometimes I look forward to the teenager years when they sleep until noon every day! haha!