Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No grain, no pain?

Workout 12- the last front of the body workout.  I was a little sad to do this workout today.  Today marked the end of the surprises.  From here on out, I know what's in store.  No more nervousness or butterflies about what is left.  No more new workouts to look forward to.

I thought workout 12 was easier than workout 10.  I was surprised that some of the moves were actually pretty basic.  We even do a straight bicep curl in this one- no weird balancing squats or lunges with it, just a straight up, good old fashioned bicep curl.

My biggest fear was realized today though.  A move I could NOT do.  Like physically could not do it, not this hurts to do.  Wheel push ups- WTF?  I could barely get into wheel let alone do a push up in this position. Here is a wheel:

Yep, you are supposed to get in this position and do a push up.  I couldn't do it- so I did the modification which was to just hold the wheel position.  It seemed like everyone on the video was doing these with relative ease.  I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or what, but it wasn't working out and holding wheel was hard enough!

Other moves include a one legged bridge with lat pull, a cable move which is hollow man then up into a cable pull, plank with a lat raise, some twisty version of the crab kicks- you kick out one leg and bring the opposite arm over to that leg.  That's all I can remember- oh yeah, did I mention wheel push ups?

So, food.  I could say alot about this because it is a big thing in my life right now, but I am going to keep it simple for now.  I am having some testing done right now because of thyroid and digestive issues I have.  It is highly likely I am going to need to go gluten free for life.  While I am waiting for the results, I am eating gluten free.  This is really new to me and I have ALOT of research to do.  So for now food is difficult until I figure out the healthiest way to do a gluten free diet.  I have been relying on some gluten free store bought  products to supplement my diet while I figure it out which I really don't like to do.

I may do a whole post on this because there are some unexpected feelings that this is stirring inside me and it is a big part of my journey to wellness.

Breakfast- homemade gluten free waffle with berry compote.  This is similar in calories to the multi grain pancakes.  The batter is largely composed of mashed banana so it was crunchy and surprisingly good.  My son doesn't like pancakes or waffles, but gobbled one of these babies up.

Lunch- Greek chicken salad on gluten free English muffin.  The english muffin was store bought and it is NOT very good.  Very dry and kind of stuck in my throat.  The chicken salad was homemade from leftover roast chicken- mmmmm delicious.

Snack- banana and homemade almond butter.  The picture does not look that appetizing, but this snack was delicious!  This is a surprisingly good combination.  I figured if it goes together in a smoothie, why not eat the banana and almond butter together?  Way better than the smoothie.  Too much banana today, but I am sticking with things I know are safe that are in the house.

Dinner- chicken tostadas- not pictured.

Today was pretty much the perfect day weather wise, so it was a super active day today.  A walk to the park, workout 12, a walk around the lake, and a bike ride to the grocery store.  Whew!  I should sleep good tonight!


  1. That waffle looks DELICIOUS, and I say this as a person who does not enjoy bananas in the least.

    Though I don't struggle with gluten issues or food allergies personally, I have many friends who do and I know it can be a real struggle, emotionally as well as for your body. I hope the test results are informative and that you're able to easily shift into a food lifestyle that makes you feel your best.

  2. That wheel pushup sounds insane and kind of pointless. I can't wait to try it. haha!

    I agree that waffle looks yum. I'll have to look for a recipe. I've got some bananas to use up.