Monday, April 23, 2012

Is that all you've got Jillian?

I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus dealing with a cold, but I'm still here- sweating the cold off and have done all my workouts.

Today was workout 11.  This is the last front of the body workout- the 'mother of all workouts'.  I think the fact that workout 11 and 12 go on for 3 weeks is just to stretch it out to 90 days.  Jillian states at the beginning of the workout that we are in the last 2 weeks.  The fact that this goes on for 3 weeks seems like somewhat of an afterthought.  

I had a really high calorie burn on this one, but didn't find it all that tough- definitely not 'hell on earth' as I've heard her describe it.  It was just a good tough workout and it flies by.  We start by doing reverse squats- you squat all the way down to the floor and then come up.  In the first circuit the push ups are called 'scorpion push ups'.  I found these challenging.  You bring your leg over your back to the opposite elbow as you lower.  This adds quite a bit of resistance AND it makes you unstable.  I really had to focus on engaging my core.  There are also jumping static lunges with a shoulder raise.   I thought I was going to cry when she said 'weighted burpees' for cardio, but they were not that bad.  I used 7's on this one.

I remember thinking at one time that it's a good thing that weighted push ups aren't possible or she'd have us doing push ups with weights.  I was wrong- THEY ARE possible.  You wrap your cable around your back and under your arms and the cable catches you on the way up adding resistance.  Jumping statue of liberties looked bad, but really it's just a statue of liberty with a jump.  I really liked the tricep kick backs in plank.

My food has been pretty plain because I am undergoing food intolerance tests, so I don't have any exciting food to post.  More on this later.

Hopefully back to a regular blogging schedule tomorrow.  Workout 12 and then I've seen them all!


  1. So inspiring that you're sticking with it, despite feeling under the weather!Can't wait to hear what Workout 12 is like...

  2. WHAT?!?! Push ups with the cable wrapped around you??? I am afraid...very afraid!

    Congrats on getting to the end. I didn't realize that she stretched out workouts 11 & 12 for 3 weeks. I was wondering how she got to 90 days :-).

    I hope you are feeling better.