Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No Excuses!

I have heard stories about cardio 3.  Lots of 'oh, this is the toughest workout ev-ah'.  I'll be honest, I was afraid..... very afraid I would give into the lazy voice inside my head that sometimes wants to turn off the dvd 5 minutes into the workout.  I needed to be prepared, that lazy girl is gone.  She disappeared someway midway through phase 2.  Instead of looking for the easy way out to avoid pain, she began embracing the discomfort and started looking for ways to make things more challenging.

So to make sure there were no excuses for cardio 3.  I dressed in my workout finest.  My mom used to work for the American Cancer Society and there was a program there called 'Look Good, Feel Better'.  I am a firm believer in this.

I triple knotted my shoes- NO WAY are these babies coming untied and allowing me a break.

I filled not 1, but 2 water bottles to chug in between circuits.

It's go time!  I'm not going to lie, lazy girl popped into my head despite my preparations- but she was defeated!!  This workout is the MOTHER of all cardio workouts.   Jillian starts the workout saying this is the most viscous workout she's created- I believe her.  She's mentioned before that she wants us nauseous.  I've always mentally blew her off, but I felt a tiny bit sick after the workout.

So here goes.  Be prepared to spend most of your time either in the air jumping or on your hands with your feet in the air during plank.  We've got- rock stars, fast feet, canon ball jumps, double unders, high knees (oh but wait, after 4 you jump into plank and back up for more high knees), jumping squats, jumping lunges, side plank burpees, plank mogul, plank squat thrust, down dog thrusts, zig zag jumps, the one legged up- over-over-backs, and of course plank punches.

But the best thing is- YOU CAN DO IT.  It's amazing how accomplished I felt at the end.  After I peeled myself off my sweaty mat, I was standing so much taller the rest of the day.

I stopped my heart rate monitor and was stunned, is this even humanly possible?!?! I'll take that number with a grain of salt.

TOP of the world.  After I recovered, my son reminded me I wasn't done- yoga tonight mom.

So I spent more time in plank.  We did a plank move similar to the crow push ups in workout 7 because I made the mistake of saying I wanted to work the obliques.  We did do alot of stretching in the glutes- YESSSSS!!!

Busy day, hubby out of town = strictly leftovers for food today, so no food pics.

Don't be scared by this review- we've got this!! :)  It's going to keep getting better and better.  Good night and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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