Monday, April 9, 2012

Because you CAN!

So today was my first day of workout 9.  I think I make it pretty clear I do not favor the front of the body workouts, but OMG- I LOVE THIS ONE!  Seriously, my favorite front of the body workout yet.  What was weighing on my mind was how she would be pushing the UP button on the push ups and I got my answer- PUSH UP JACKS- duh!  These are really fun- as you lower into your push up you jack out your legs, as you raise the legs come in.   In the first circuit there is also a one armed plank and you do a sort of lat raise.  You take a dumbbell in your free arm and take it under your body and then bring it back and fly it out.   Other fun strength exercises include dive bombers and then a one legged squat into plank out (I lost my balance on this a couple times, but nailed it by the end).  Oh, and side plank crunches----Ooooh, my obliques feel tight.

The cardio in this is CRAZY.  There is what's called 'Plank Mogul' where you are in plank and you jump out to the side and try to wrap around your hands, then you jump out to the other side.  There are Rock and Roll squats- you get into squat position then roll back (on your back) on your mat and propel yourself forward into standing position.  My legs kept wanting to cross when I came back up into standing so I need to work on it.  Nonetheless- it jacked up my heart rate, so I am happy.

I am really glad my husband isn't home when I work out, because I was 'vocalizing' through this workout today, it would be really embarrassing if someone heard me.  I was DRIPPING when it was done and I feel amazing. 

This morning I had steel cut oats, but instead of topping with apple, I topped with Kiwi and did the same old pecans and drizzle of maple syrup.  Sounds like an odd combination, but OH SO GOOD.

We then went out and searched the town for buckwheat flour.  I really want to make those darn pancakes- they look so good.  After 3 stores and no luck we came home for lunch.  I had the Mediterranean Tuna Wrap.  I LOVE this.  I have always steered clear of tuna sandwiches because I hate mayo.  I love how this gets flavor from olive oil, red onion, capers, celery and hard boiled egg rather than mayo.

I am going to go make the banana almond smoothie after I post this and then head to the park with my little love when he wakes up from his nap.  It is another gorgeous sunny day.  I am going to listen to Jillian's weekly podcast on the walk there and back.  About 25 minutes each way so it is the perfect time to listen to the podcast.

I am hoping to do some bulk food prep tonight.  I spend WAY too much time prepping food and cleaning up.  I need some good grab and go options.  I plan on making the pita chips and some zucchini hummus as well as the cinnamon, chocolate banana pops.

Happy Monday- Enjoy your week.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting! That sounds insane! I can't even imagine some of those moves. Where does she even come up with this stuff? I'm even more motivated to push the up botton with my workouts for the next couple of weeks just in preparation.

    I heard from some blog somewhere that Bob's Red Mill has a pancake flour blend that's really close to Jillian's recipe. Maybe that could be an alternative if you want to try again.