Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Now, that's a progression!

Workout 10- oh wow, no words.  I started out this workout a little cocky since yesterday went about 10 times better than I expected.  The warm up rocked.  My previously tight workout pants were totally sagging during the rock star jumps.  There is a really fun warm up move 'up downs with superman'.  You drop down- do a superman move and then pop back up.

The rest of the work out was a whirlwind of jumping, jumping, and more jumping.  Jumping lunges, back lunge and pop into a front kick, jumping squat into an upright row.  Then you think you're getting a break with the static moves- DON'T BE FOOLED  these are much harder than the jumping- holding chair pose with weights- oh my.  There was a really fun cable move where you do a curtsy lunge and hold the cable in front of you and do a reverse fly with the cable as you lunge.  The hardest move for me was a balance move in circuit four.  You put a weight on the floor and bring one hand forward onto the weight- your back leg and arm are lifted behind you. 

This was a great workout!  If you were wanting to feel it in your butt and thighs- this is the ticket.  I am a little worried about braving cardio 3 with this soreness.

The search is over for buckwheat flour.  These pancakes definitely live up to the hype. I actually think it's the fruit syrup that make them so good-I used equal parts raspberries and blueberries.  My tablespoons must not have been heaping enough because I got 24 pancakes out of this rather than 18.

I had the cheddar, tomato, avocado burrito for lunch- not pictured.

For my snack I had the dark chocolate, cinnamon banana pops.

And for dinner delicious tostadas from cooking light- OMG, so good and less than 400 calories for these 2.   PERFECTION.

My food prep is going good, I froze the pancakes, banana pops and garlic pita chips.  I am hoping to make the quinoa crunch and my own zucchini hummus tonight.

Oh, and I forgot to update my weight on Sunday with all the excitement of Easter.  I try to set my calories and activity to lose 1 lb a week (4 lbs each phase).   I lost 3.5 lbs - 130's good to see you!!!  I am very, very happy with this.  I had an endocrinologist appointment today and she was asking me how I am losing the weight since I was having so much trouble before.  I have lost 7 lbs since my last appointment 8 weeks ago!  Yay!

I also decided I am going to get these pants for my phase 2 completion reward.  Every aspiring yogi needs something from Lululemon- no???

Have a great night everyone!!


  1. Hooray for the 130s. That's awesome! Those pants are going to look great on your cute little toned buns! Haha! That's a great reward. I'm scared and excited for workout 10. It 2 weeks away but I know it will be here before I know it.

    1. Thank you Catherine! I am hoping we all have buns of steel at the end of this thing! That is my problem area, so I need to embrace cardio 3!

  2. I feel afraid...very afraid! I also am inspired by you. Congrats on your continued success! And those are adorable pants!

    1. Don't be afraid. Seriously, I know I've said this before, but I am lazy (and very hypothyroid). If I can do it, you can too and I know you will. Thank you for your support.

  3. Yay! Congratulations on 130s!

    And yet another stellar review of those pancakes! I have been meaning to try them but just haven't had a chance yet. I'll need to clear my schedule and make time this weekend. They look delish!

    1. Thank you! And you MUST try the pankcakes. I was a holdout thinking they couldn't be THAT good. I was wrong. Seriously, ah-mazing.