Thursday, April 19, 2012

The blahs....

Quick post today.

Today I woke up with a scratchy throat.... ugh.  The last thing I need to do is get sick the back end of the program.  I am too close to the end.  It was a very rainy day so I spent much of the day nurturing myself. Resting, drinking warm tea, and lots of water.  I did do workout 9 and it felt so much harder, but I gave it my all.   I am hoping a bath and a good nights rest will help me kick whatever this is.

Since I was sick, we didn't get out much today.  Not getting out and having a boring mom ='s a bored toddler.  A bored toddler ='s a fussy toddler.  I could feel frustration building in myself and had to work hard not to show it.  I don't like myself as a mom today, but tomorrow will be better.  How could I get frustrated with this cuteness (who climbs in the dishwasher every time I try to load it)?

Today's food is all quick and easy choices due to the above mentioned woes.

Breakfast- Mango, almond, chia overnight oats.  These are supposed to be enjoyed cold, but I was not enjoying so I heated them up.  Much better.

Lunch- Breakfast for lunch.  Breakfast burrito.  Eggs, green and red peppers, avocado, a little cheddar cheese and ALOT of salsa.

Dinner- Pan Fried curried cod over wheat couscous.  My appetite is nil, so I only ate about half and no snack today.

Have a great night!

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