Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cardio 3 and a Victory!

I LOVE the Body Revolution program, love it.  That being said, I am very surprised at the number of errors and inconsistencies on the DVDs.  If circuit 2 in cardio 3 seems much shorter than the others, that is because it is!  There are 2 whole exercises omitted from circuit 2- I feel cheated!!!  But not cheated enough to do them when the DVD has finished.   My heart rate monitor registered another wicked calorie burn today of 416 calories.  Since I had salty sweat dripping in my eye most of the 3rd circuit I am starting to believe it.

This morning I was sorting out some clothes to give to the Goodwill when I spotted a size 2 dress I wore to a wedding a few years ago and figured I would try it on for fun.  Holy heck- it zipped all the way up!  It could definitely look better, but still- happy dance!

I am in definite need of a wardrobe revolution, but everything out right now is so blah!  Where are the vibrant springy colors?

So food today.... a very yummy mix!

Leftover pancakes- still yummy, but not as cute.

I also had a vegan 'latte'.  I have used these to replace the coffee.  I tried tea, but I really want something warm and creamy in the morning.  This is just a cup of almond milk topped with 1/2 a teaspoon of cacao powder and cinnamon.  It's a whopping 40 calories.  If you take your coffee with cream, the cream is probably more than that.

For lunch I made 1/4th of a creamy avocado recipe I got from 'Oh She Glows'.  This is a vegan website..... I like to take vegan recipes and ADD MEAT!  So I made the chicken the same way Jillian does for the spinach pesto, but paired it with the creamy avocado pasta.  This is a great way to have a creamy texture in a pasta without using dairy products.

I have nothing against vegetarians, I think it's great and so good for the planet.  I tried to be one at one time, who hasn't?  I just personally feel best as an omnivore.  Vegan recipes are just so creative though, I am obsessed.

Snack was a frozen banana pop- not pictured.

Dinner- almond crusted chicken and smashed sweet potatoes with coconut milk.  I think I'll sub in almond milk for coconut milk next time.

I am super pumped for breakfast tomorrow.  I picked up some goat cheese from my favorite dairy aire at a co-op today.  Those who know the body revolution recipes may be able to guess what is for breakfast tomorrow.

I love knowing where my food came from!  Seriously, this cheese could have come from one of the goats my son was petting- how cool is that? 

Have a great rest day!

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  1. Damn, lady! Looking good! That's so cool about the goat cheese. My csa offers cow shares but it's expensive and my freezer isn't big enough. Boo. I'm really enjoying the veggie home delivery though. Local, organic, and it forces me to try things I wouldn't normally. Tonight was beet salad. Pretty good and very pink!