Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kickstart.....done!! :)

Oh yeah! Kickstart week is done....BOOM! I sooooo did not want to do the second round of cardio today, but my hubby joined me and we pushed through it. I am so glad this week is over. It isn't so much working out twice a day, it is that I am SICk of that cardio video. I have done it 8 times this week, over the next two weeks I will do it 4 times-- half as much in twice the time. I'll probably do extra cardio if I feel like it, just not cardio 1. I think I have the video memorized.

My "Master Your Metabolism" book came in from the library and I'm loving this book. I have hypothyroidism and I had gestational diabetes so the endocrine angle on this book is fascinating. If anyone else reading this is doing Body Revolution enjoy your rest day tomorrow! :)

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