Sunday, September 2, 2012


I haven't blogged in sooo long, I am not going to pretend I have regular followers or that anyone knows who I am anymore!   I am introducing myself in case there is anyone out there who would like to read about my journey.

So here is a little about me:

- My name is Meghan (you may or may not have guessed that)
- I am 35 years young (yikes, what.... how did that happend?!?!)  (oh, and you never would have guessed that if you met me in person.... kidding!)
- I am a wife to a handsome younger man who will be a whopping 28 years old in October!  Soon I will be only 7 years older than him, not 8)
- I am momma to a almost 21 month old son (again.... YIKES!  What how did that happen)
- I used to be a 'Senior' Business Analyst , but am currently a stay at home mom
- I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and am gluten intolerant and slightly dairy intolerant
- I like to geek out on documentaries and books related to nutrition
- I dream of being a registered dietician when I grow up and helping people improve their lives through eating real food.

A little about my weight loss journey:

- I did Jillian Michaels Body Revolution from February- May 2012 and lost 10 lbs.
- I did Les Mills Pump from May- August 2012 and lost 0 lbs.
- I have sat on my butt and drank wine and had lots of desserts and partied it up the last few weeks  taken a little bit of a rest and have put on alot of the weight I lost, maybe five lbs-ish.  Kids this is not new muscle.... not at all.
- I was going to do Chalean Extreme and turned off the DVD 2 minutes into it, not for me
- I decided to do Body Revolution again 2 weeks ago and 2 of my DVDs were destroyed by my son, so I just couldn't
-My DVDs were kindly replaced so I am pretty much out of excuses and am starting over tomorrow.... sigh!  
 - I am 5'11 and at my health assessment the nurse said I should weigh around 115.  I don't weigh that and personally think I would look like a teenage boy at that weight

So if you want to read about someone doing Body Revolution for the second time, follow along.  Or if you are just into gastronomical voyeurism, that is cool too!

Have a great rest of the weekend!  Body Revolution ROUND 2 begins tomorrow!

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  1. Hey. I don't mean this to be mean or anything at all. So read this with a nice tone! :)

    That nurse was an IDIOT. You are 5'11"? Unless that is a typo and you meant 5'1"...115 is underweight. By a lot. You'd look like skelator, which you did somewhat acknowledge by the teenage boy comment. But should get a new nurse. Because that is just INSANE.

    Right now, your 141 weight isn't even overweight for ME, and I'm only 5'8. Infact, it's about the lowest weight you can be if you are going for a healthy BMI. Granted, you can get all hightech and figure out your exact "perfect" weight (I know BMI is a really simple, not terribly exact method).

    Okay. I am rambling. I just wanted to tell you (total stranger, lol!), that you look great, your at a healthy weight. Keep working out because it's good for you - but don't go crazy. You do not need to lose weight. tone up? Maybe...I don't know? But weight loss? Nope.

    I am not a fat jealous bitch, either. Just throwing that in because I know fatty's like to diss skinny girls. I don't talk like this IRL. I'm done. Bye and good luck ;-P