Monday, July 30, 2012

Blogging about Not Blogging?!?!

We interrupt this streak of not blogging to share:

  the best thing that has ever been created in my kitchen


  my thoughts on not blogging lately

So, 1.  OMG, OMG!  We are swimming in eggplant from our CSA and I stumbled upon an egg plant pizza crust recipe.  The cauliflower pizza crust was a huge fail, but this was just AMAZING.  Topped with tomato, prosciutto, arugula, and oregano.  It's like a thick herbed cracker topped with yummy goodness- not a traditional pizza.

Here is the recipe and a picture of the deliciousness:

So I went on vacation and then had a week to recover from vacation (toddler on a 3 hour flight- anyone?) and finally read blogs today.  I was on my phone so I didn't comment- sorry everyone.  CT's blog asking why people aren't blogging much anymore made me do some introspection and I think I have an answer.

I MISS blogging, but I am just not inspired anymore.  I started this blog for Jillian's body revolution when working out was still kind of shiny and new. It really consumed a lot of my thoughts-eating, calories, workouts, etc.

I still workout (and eat!), but it's just become something I do everyday.... I don't believe anymore that there is a magic program-I just need to workout and eat right.  So blogging about it is kind of like blogging about brushing my teeth, feel me?

So I am going to start blogging on a regular basis again, but it may not strictly be workout related or food related all the time.  I may start talking about other things that are interesting to me at the moment....all wellness related, but not necessarily 'here's what I ate'  ....  'this was my workout' type of thing.

Food is consuming more of my thoughts as I think that is the key to not only losing weight, but some healing of my autoimmune condition I need to do, stress reduction techniques I am studying, de-toxifying my beauty and household cleaning routine, books I am reading..... those types of things.

We'll see where this goes.  If you like what you see... follow along.  I'll definitely still keep updating on my workouts and food.... it just won't ALWAYS be the focus.

So I need a new blog name  AND Go!


  1. I totally feel you, sister! And I, for one, am very happy to hear you'll start blogging more often! I enjoy reading your stuff, and think it will be great to expand beyond meal planning & workout routines.

    Are you going to try to rename this blog, or start a new one? I've been wondering how to do the same since my original intention for the blog was Body Rev, but now it is about overall health.

    Congrats on surviving the plane ride with your toddler. That is something to be applauded!! :) Welcome back.

  2. The best thing about blogging is that if it's YOUR blog about you, you can write about anything you want! I love having blogger friends who know how I'm doing, in terms of weight loss and any other life thing that's going on. Glad I found your blog!