Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jill's Big Shocker and Revolution Recap Day 1

I admit it, I spent an hour at home this morning so I could check out Jill's big announcement on the today show.  As soon as  I saw how nervous she looked I could tell she was returning to Biggest Loser.  Oy.... I am very surprised considering how much she has talked about what an awful time in her life that was.  Hopefully it works out better for her though I am not sure about teens on the show.

Yesterday was the big day!  Day 1 of Body Revolution Round 2.   I pulled on my vibrams and got down to business.  I have to admit, I really thought workout 1 would be super easy- no problem.  And it was no problem, but it was harder than expected.  The first time around I did this, I was probably dogging it... but not this time.  I did all the advanced moves- did the jump for all the various squats with the weights and all the other various advanced options she provides.  I was surprised at how difficult push ups were.  Do these ever get easy (or easier)?  I did them from my toes this time around, but seriously, I feel I should be better at these by now.

I also did cardio 1 since I am kickstarting it.  This was great.  I remember how tough I thought cardio 1 was the first time around but it was soooo much easier this time around.  Kickouts with arm circles still totally suck, but running man is nothing now- yay!  I didn't have my heart rate monitor until sometime in phase 2 the first time around, but my calorie burns were pretty good for the early workouts and I haven't even adjusted it to my higher weight yet (we'll get to that).   Keep in mind, I really pushed it today and was dripping sweat ( I barely broke a sweat with these workouts the first round).

Food today was okay.  Good in terms of quality, maybe too much food- but it was a holiday and I am training my taste buds to crave only real food again (not chocolate pb cups and wine).

BF- Scrambled eggs and bacon (Jill suggests canadian bacon- but we had the good stuff we got direct from the farmer so that's what I had).
Lunch- Roasted chicken, roasted veggies (beets, carrots, potato), mashed butternut squash, and salad
Snack- baked apple slices (this was actually dessert so no real 'snack' today)
Dinner- Lemon caper tilapia, leftover roasted veggies, broccoli, and a little gazpacho

Hopefully everyone is bored by now and stopped reading because I am kind of embarrassed to admit my stats, but hey it happens and I will always be honest in my blog. That's the reason I am back I need to be accountable!

Starting weight- 141.5- AGAIN, how did this happen?!?!
Waist-30 inches
Chest- 32 inches
Hips-40 inches
Left Thigh- 19.5 inches
Right Thigh- 18.5 inches
Left bicep-9.1/4 inches
Right Bicep- 9.5 ish inches

Sorry about the bad behind picture, hard to take of yourself.  I will weigh in on Mondays.  There you have it, have a great day. :)

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