Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Round 2- Day 2! :)

Good morning!

Yesterday was day 2- round 2!  I found workout 2 to be pretty easy the second time around- there aren't any crazy moves in this one (or push ups- whoot!). The workout is longer than workout 1- it pushes 37 minutes and the calorie burn isn't that high because there is a lot of floor work- I burned about 245 calories in the 37 minutes and that was really pushing it with the cardio intervals.  The moves I remember are lunges with torso rotation, table, pelvic thrusts, good mornings, straight crunches, and step ups with weights.  Cardio 1 was pretty breezy as well.

My i-phone camera wasn't working half the day, so I barely got any pictures of my food. My i-phone 3 is on it's last legs, but I have heard the 5 will be out later this month, so I am holding out.

I am running on about 4 hours of interrupted sleep thanks to a sick toddler, so today should be interesting- it is double cardio and yoga day.

Food yesterday-

Steel cut oats topped with mixed berries and 1 egg
Leftover chicken with no cream spinach and broccoli
Banana and almond butter
Enchiladas and cauliflower mexican 'rice'

Have a great day!!

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