Thursday, June 28, 2012


Well..... hello!  It has been FOREVER since I have blogged last.  I am not going to make any excuses about being too busy, I know many of you are busier than I am and still find time to blog.  I have zero sh!@ togetherness, but I am working on it.  Seriously, I need to.  Here is an innocent victim of my lack of sh!@ togetherness-

This is my loyal, loving dog.  I feed, water , walk him and shower him with love on a daily basis.  For some reason I HATE taking him to get his haircut.  I kept procrastinating, he kept getting shaggier.  Then I became embarased about how long his hair was... resulting in more procrastinating.  FINALLY, I did what any normal person would do.  I took the money for his haircut and bought a dog clipping kit.  I watched a 15 minute DVD and fancied myself a dog groomer!  Well... hours and hours later he looked BETTER, but not great.

Anyway... I am still going strong with Les Mills Pump!  Today is day 39, I am almost HALFWAY through!  The bad news is that I have maybe lost 2 lbs, some days 1... hard to tell lately.  This is not the fault of Les Mills- There is new muscle under that little layer of fat!  I can feel it.  Since mother's day I just haven't had the dedication I had when I was doing BR.  There's always been an exception of some sort- Mother's Day, my son's 1.5 birthday, Father's Day, etc.

Recently, it was my brother and his wife visiting so LOTS of eating out.  I didn't eat too much or anything, but I did fill up on things like Asian Pizza (seriously sounds weird, but so good) rather than making sure I got my veggies in.  I did like Jillian's meal plan quite a bit and used it as a guide- the Les Mills meal plan is not good (frozen waffles, shakeology, etc).   So all that rambling means I need to REFOCUS on food.

Les Mills workouts are full body workouts, so some weeks you do the same workout 3 times.  This week my main workout is Pump and Shred. This workout is crazy and is about 45 minutes in length.  Each body part is broken up into tracks (the length of a song).

- Start with a five minute warm up
- Squats- a little over 5 minutes.  I am currently squatting about 30 lbs plus the weight of the bar.  5 minutes of squats didn't seem like that long to me, but it wipes my legs out every time.  The squats are varied- by speed and range of motion.
-Chest- again about 5 minutes.  I am using 20 lbs plus the weight of the bar.  This is the hardest for me. 4 minutes of this are chest press.  Sounds boring- right?  No!  You are constantly switching it up.  Down and pulse, singles, down and hold.  After this you do a minute of push ups.  After 4 minutes of chest press I am lucky if I get 30 seconds of push ups on my toes, I have to come to my knees- my arms are TAPPED!
- Back, Glutes, Hamstrings- Classic moves- dead rows and a lot of clean and presses.
- F-ing Lunges- Okay this is my least favorite track because it is murder on your legs.  Slow lunges suck !  I am so grateful when they speedup the lunges.  So you do about 2 minutes of lunging on one leg, break it up with squats for less than a minute, then do 2 minutes on the other leg, then squat again.
- Shoulders- Here you go Bar-Less!  More push-ups then you go into moves with just the plates- side raise, mac raise, overhead press.

One thing I should mention is that with each 'track' is a new trainer.  So if you don't like someone, you only have them for 5 minutes.  The shoulder girl is EVIL.  She is drop-dead freaking gorgeous, she is very soft spoken with a sweet little voice, but her words do NOT match her demeanor:


-Abs- We do various moves in a 'hover' (forearm plank), then do some traditional crunches, and some twists on crunches to work the obliques.
-Cool Down

So,  I try not to become wrapped up in all the Beachbody Hoopla, but I am intriqued by the Ultimate Reset.  It is freaking expensive, but I am friends with my 'coach' on facebook and she keeps posting meals and they look fantastic!  She gave me the recipe for one of the salad dressings and I made it and it got rave reviews.  I seriously want the reset for the recipe book alone.

I don't think I can justify this one, but I keep thinking about it.  Even these cheesy videos are starting to convince me.  Talk me down.

Good Night Friends.  I need to read about your happenings tomorrow.  It's gonna be another scorcher so I'll be inside!!


  1. ((waving at you)) Hi! I have absolutely no time to say anything meaningful other than thank you for the info on Les Mills! I'm going to check out the Ultimate Reset when I get back, but I'm pretty much convinced that I need a relaxed schedule vs. a daily thing.

  2. That lady looks like one of those vodka commercial robots! Great review, by the way. I think I may do this program in the fall. It sounds fun and I like that it's 45 minutes.

    Personally, I'm suspicious of anything that says it's a "detox." I don't know what that even means. It seems like a waste of money when you can just go buy some vegetables on your own.

    What's with this beachbody coach business? Do you automatically get assigned one if you buy anything from BB?

  3. I think Les Mills scares me.

    It's a scorcher out here as well, seems like a perfectly good day to sit inside and get caught up on blogs :-)