Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sugar Momma Check In

Not Sugar Momma in the usual sense, just a momma who is trying to avoid sugar.  It seems like a lot of us BR bloggers are struggling with this lately and for some reason I thought if we needed a support group 'Sugar Momma' would be a great name for our group.

I could NOT commit to no sugar until after today.  Today my little one turned 18 months! And I know it isn't an official birthday, but it just seemed like a much bigger deal than a one year old birthday.  He has matured so much in the past couple of months and I am just bursting with pride at his cheerful, inquisitive nature.  We just had to celebrate.  We didn't have a fancy party with a lot of people, but we did go to one of those kiddie pizza joints with rides, arcade games and go carts.  We then went to the Farmer's Market listened to a band, then came home for birthday cake.

So that's it, I'm done- no sugar for awhile.  At least a week to get me back on track.  That just means no obvious sugar.  I'm not going militant on a gram here and there or natural fruit sugars.

That being said, even though I haven't lost any weight-I am feeling pretty good about the old body these days. I am definitely tighter than when I finished body revolution.  My abs have a lot more definition.  Here I am today after Hard Core Abs:

Really, the only thing I'd like to refine is the pooch in my lower abs.  I really don't want to get any thinner in the arms or the upper ab area.  Why oh why can't we spot reduce where we want to?  I really hate how I drop weight top- down, but I guess that is typical.

Exciting Food News:

First CSA deliver- yay!

I roasted the Kohlrabi today with garlic scapes for a snack.  It was okay, but I wouldn't go out and buy one.

I've always been intrigued by coconut water smoothies, but I don't care for coconut water out of the bottle. I bought a young coconut and got the water out for a smoothie today and it was soooo much better.

Then I made an AMAZING smoothie.  CSA spinach, coconut water, cherries, a scoop of vanilla protein powder.

Soooo good.  My son grabbed it and drank at LEAST half.  That's okay, it's his birthday!

See my cup is Starbucks. They are opening a juice bars now in response to the healthy 'trend'.  I am calling it now-  I think this is going to be a big miss.  The target demographic are people who pride themselves in NOT going to Starbucks.  Raw foodies are out because they aren't going to dig the pasteurization.  And if the produce isn't organic, I think people are going to stick to whipping up their local produce in their Vitamixes and skipping Starbucks.  I could be wrong though, it has happened before.

Have a great night!  Gonna catch up on blogs tomorrow.


  1. You look fantastic! And that smoothie looks super delicious!

    I agree with your predictions that a Starbucks juice bar would flop. It just isn't in line with what they do.

  2. Woah, sister! Looking awesome! Thank you for posting some pictures for all of us. Fantastic!

    I love "Sugar Mommas" for the name. We are going to keep each other strong in this fight against the evil white stuff :). I just feel so much better without it! I'm finding that it actually makes my stomach burn when I eat too much. I guess that is the old mommy adage about not overeating sweets or you'll get a tummy ache. Never used to be true for me, but it is now!

    Did you ever give us the full lowdown on Les Mills? I'll go back & comb through your blogs. I'm so interested to learn more!

  3. If I get Les Mills will I look like you? OMG, lady, you look great! I'm on board for the no sugar challenge. I feel like I go through phases where it's really easy for me to stay away from it and then after a month or so I go nuts and have handfuls of it every single day until I can't stand it anymore. Not cool. Especially when cutting it out has obvious and immediate benefits.