Sunday, June 17, 2012

And we're moving again!... The wrong way.

Just a quick little blog today- because I want to put this out there.  Yesterday I weighed in at 134- YAY me, low 130's-go.... go!!  This morning I weighed in at 138- I haven't seen a number that high in awhile.

Yesterday wasn't a 'bad' (why do we use these words) day foodwise either and I got a good workout in.   I certainly didn't consume 14,000 calories.

This happens sometimes!  Last time it happened I freaked out and thought ZOMG, I am doing something wrong, I need to work harder.  That wasn't the case at all and in fact doing that caused me to hang onto the extra few pounds.

I don't know why I weigh so much more today.  Maybe TOM is coming, maybe I had too much sodium yesterday, maybe my muscles are swollen from upping my weights yesterday.   Who knows?

I just know some people are struggling because the scale has gone up and I just wanted to put it out there that it happens to me too!

Have a great weekend all and celebrate those awesome fathers in your life!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Meghan. I'm sorry you saw the scale jump, but am super impressed with your attitude. The daily weigh-ins definitely do jump around a little. I find that sodium and really hard workouts (which make me retain water) are typically key players.

    Are you still loving Les Mills??

  2. It's so hard to know when I should take the scale seriously or not. I try to look for trends, but I do get all worked up if the number is unexpectedly low or high. My grandma used to weigh herself every day and if the scale was over 110 or some stupid low number she would just skip meals until it was where she wanted it again. That's nuts.

  3. Just had the EXACT thing happen to me your post and it helped me to chill out. Thanks, again, for sharing!!