Thursday, June 14, 2012

And we're moving!

I've been avoiding blogging because for some reason I can't find the words to write my review of Les Mills.  I want it to be perfect because I don't want anyone spending money on something and hating it because of my review! I know you guys will forgive me for not doing it yet, but I hate it that I said I would and still haven't.  One of my favorite quotes I kept on my desk at work was 'Integrity- Do what you say you're going to do'.  So- I am sorry!!

I did have to share my news though. The scale is finally moving again.

One more pound and I am in the LOW 130's!  Whoot.  The once a week sweet thing is working for me as usual!  Who knew that diet mattered more than exercise?  Just about every expert out there- oh, that's right.  Should have listened!

So Les Mills has got very intense and my butt and abs have been constantly sore.  I turned on Insanity a couple weeks ago and during the warm up it just didn't feel good.  Very jarring on my body.  My younger, but wiser husband said 'Maybe there are walk days for a reason'.  I have backed off the Insanity hybrid for awhile because it was just insanity.

I am still following Les Mills schedule and on walk days I may walk, I may bike or just do a workout of my choosing.  I was surprised that today I chose:

I really like this one!  Every time I think about unloading P90X, I think twice because of plyo. I thought it would be hard since I haven't done any hardcore jumping for a few weeks, but I felt really strong and more in control than normal.   Les Mills is doing wonders for my legs, butt and core strength.

Other than that- life is great!  This morning was such a treat.  My husband said that when blueberries were ready for picking he would take a couple of hours off and we would go picking.  It was a perfect cool morning and it was so nice to have the extra family time out in the open air today instead of the usual rushed morning start.

We didn't get that many berries and some we picked are a little too ripe, but we had a blast this morning.  I have a new appreciation for why these are so expensive at the store!

I hope everyone has a fabulous day!!  :)  Oh, and if you have any light read book recs that aren't 50 Shades of Porn- please let me know.  I haven't read anything 'for fun' since the Hunger Games.


  1. What type of things do you like to read normally? (My career is in book publishing, so this is sort of in my wheelhouse!) If you like reading Young Adult books like HUNGER GAMES (so good!) I can give you plenty of recommendations. If not, just tell me what you DO like, and I'll do my best!

    Those blueberries look delicious! And congratulations on the scale going down!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss! I have a while before I'm going to make a decision about Les Mills so take your time. It seems like you're enjoying it though. I can't wait until we get some good berry picking weither here too. Maybe in the next couple of weeks.

    My favorite book that I've read recently is the JFK time travel book by Stephen King. "11/22/63." It's HUGE, but it's so good.