Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Success without satisfaction is the ultimate failure." Tony Robbins

Authentic intuition is your best friend-- seriously.  I am so happy that I quit P90X- I had a little bit of guilt about it because so many people LOVE it.  This workout will change your life... blah, blah, blah.  My gut was telling me I would be miserable doing it, so I changed course and moved on.  When your gut is telling you something is not right in your life- listen, it is often right.  TRUST yourself! Sorry for the soap box, it is very unlike me . I just hate seeing people miserable yet they do nothing to change the situation because they feel they are doing what they SHOULD.

I don't normally use the word 'love' to describe non living things, but I LOVE my new workout schedule. I am doing a hybrid of Les Mills Pump and Insanity.  Last week was strictly Les Mills Pump, this week the hybrid began.

Les Mills started off pretty slow last week.  The main workout was pump challenge which is a full body 25 minute-ish workout.  It was basically just getting you familiar with the equipment, form and how to adjust the movements to the tempo.  I liked it, but it was just fine.  I feel like this week the fun really began.  If you aren't familiar with Les Mills the workouts are high reps timed to awesome music.  So we may be doing a squat 'circuit' and you will be doing some squats super slow (down for 4 counts), pick up the tempo to a medium (down and up for two counts), pick up the tempo again for singles, and then finally bottom halves (PAIN- squat down, come up about half way, down, up half way, then up fully, then down again).  My butt has been on FIRE all week.  LOVE IT.

I did Les Mills Flow this week as well which is a super energized yoga DVD that is only 20 minutes long.  I felt so fantastic when it was over.  The instructors in Les Mills are amazing.  I don't even need to look at the TV, their audio cues are enough so that I know exactly what I need to do.

Les Mills Hard Core Abs- 15 minutes of AH-Mazing.  All do-able moves that will leave you sore the next day.  The instructors are from all over- UK, New Zealand, etc.  They switch on and off for the different circuits and their accents are super motivating.

So I am doing Insanity on non Les Mills Days (Les Mills is 3 days a week for strength, then you do ABS 2 times a week and flow once).  Les Mills suggests you walk 3 days a week, but I am doing Insanity.

Tuesday was the fit test, so today was my first actual Insanity Workout.  It was Plyometric Cardio Circuit.  OMG!  Uh, yeah- the warm up was more intense then many workouts I have done.  The moves are pretty straight forward and Shaun T is super motivating and not bad on the eyes.  There were suicide drills, fast feet, push ups, skier jumps, plank moguls, standing mountain climbers, regular mountain climbers.  By the end, I had to take frequent breaks.  My HRM clocked the workout at 452 calories for 42 minutes even with the breaks.  I was sweating like crazy.

So I am HAPPY, HAPPY with my workouts.  I have held steady with my weight and that is because of my eating.  In short it has been crappy food in abundance and we all know that food is 100 % of the battle.  Tomorrow is a new month, a renewed commitment.

Hope everyone is well.  Congrats to all the recent finishers (Catherine and Peach that I know of for sure).  AMAZING results and I am loving your post BR updates.


  1. I feel exactly the same about P90x. It's boring! I like the idea of it and I love that other people love it, but I have no desire to do that. I'm super intrigued by Les Mills. Gotta love that sore, worked out feeling. Is it a 60 day program? Maybe I'll try that after Ripped in 30. It's expensive though, isn't it?

  2. You sound so great, Meghan! How fun to have a new routine to get excited about. Les Mills really intrigues me, too, now... I was thinking Brazilian Butt Lift, but maybe this + running would be doable? I'm so interested to hear about your experience with the combo routine.

  3. :) Thanks Meghan. My goodness, your workout sounds insane. I guess that's why it got it's name! I'm enjoying reading your experiences, so keep it up. You are doing awesome! And I will need something to do when I am done 30DS.