Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 2 of ??? PLYOMETRICS

I need to correct myself - in yesterday's post I said I did Back and Biceps, it was actually Chest and Back and boy do I feel it in all the right places today!!  I have soreness in my lower abs as well.  Whoot- I haven't been sore for along time.

Today I faced my biggest fear in the P90X workout series- Plyometrics.  I have read reviews about this workout and have heard it can make big, athletic men weep in pain.  At the beginning Tony talks up how tough it is and even suggests that you sub in Cardio X until you can work your way up to Plyo.

I may be singing a different tune tomorrow, but I didn't think it was THAT bad.  In my humble opinion, if you can do Cardio 3- you can do Plyo.  80% of these moves show up in either a cardio video or a cardio interval in Body Revolution with a different name.  We've got jumping lunges, squat jacks, up over over back (called hot feet), rock star jumps, 180 hops, towel runs and on and on.  There are some really fun new moves as well such as monster tire runs and a move where you leap across the room like you are jumping from rock to rock on a creek.  I took it pretty easy today based on advice I have read from other xers and I still burned 607 calories in 59 minutes.  I liked that there was a warm up and you didn't just go straight into jumping.

Food today was pretty on point:

Breakfast- YES, I am in a rut.  Steel cut oats again!  This time with kiwi and raspberry.

Lunch- OMG, YUM.  Sliced apple, provolone, and spinach grilled in a gluten free wrap.

Snack- my son and I went out for Mean Green Juice- kale, cucumber, celery, apple and lemon.  He looks cuter drinking it- so he is pictured.

I NEED the smell of wheatgrass in my home.  It smells so fresh and sweet and I feel healthier just breathing it in.

Dinner- Brown rice, chicken, and green olive dish my hubby made while I was working up a sweat.

So many people are getting close to the end of their revolution journeys!  I hope to see pictures and hear plans about what's next very soon.

Have a great night! :)

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  1. 607 calories!!?? WOAH BABY! Nicely done. I cannot believe you weren't absolutely ravenous...but maybe you woke up feeling super hungry.

    Sounds like you are enjoying P90X. I'm so glad to hear it. I think it is an amazing program for building strength. Way to inspire us all!