Monday, May 14, 2012

Results are in!

I admit-I am not the best about measuring, taking photos etc.  I have zero measurements for you, but I do have photos and weight stats and that is better than nothing, right?  So I'll get right to it.

I weighed in this morning at 136 again- no weight loss in the past couple of weeks.  Tom is knocking at my door and I am definitely feeling puffy and not as slim as a couple of days ago- so maybe we'll have better news in a couple of days.  But, I'll call it- 10 lbs down.

Pictures- I can tell my abs are getting way more defined and my waist is coming in.  Still some work to do- especially on the left side.  I am going to do much better on the pictures for my next adventure:

I hadn't purchased new workout clothes for a long time, so I threw out the top sports bra and shorts when then got too big not thinking about the after shots.

I am definitely very pleased with my results!  This has been a really fun journey for me and I appreciate everyone reading and making supportive comments.  I am really looking forward to my next workout, even though I am still waffling as to which I am going to choose!  We'll see what mood strikes later today.

Hope everyone had a fabulous mother's day! :)


  1. Wowee, Meghan!! You look amazing!! Fantastic results of which you should feel totally proud. I can see such a difference in your before & after...and having to throw out the original workout gear?!?! Awesome!

    Looking forward to hearing about your next fitness adventure. Thanks for all of your support throughout this journey. It has been such a blast doing this with everyone.

  2. Congratulations. You look fabulous! You should be so proud of yourself! I hope you keep blogging when you have time. I'd love to hear how your next program goes.

  3. Meghan, congratulations! This post is so inspiring. All your hard work and dedication really shows! I'm excited to keep reading as you move forward and try new things. Good luck!